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It must be official now – we can announce that Spring has definitely arrived. With the warmer weather earlier in the week, it is quite noticeable that there is an audible increase in volume from the birds. Our site has fields and hedgerows on two sides and the activity from the feathered occupants has increased considerably over the past few weeks, they all seem to be spring cleaning their nesting areas. Even the red kites with their languorous circling and swooping overhead, seem to put more effort in. Those same hedgerows have green shoots and those persistent weeds are bursting out of their hiding places. Everything is demanding attention and activity.

The same can be said of our homes and workplace. There is nothing like an open window with some sun streaming through to spotlight piles of papers and boxes, not to mention the dust and cobwebs. With all the bank holidays looming, it is an ideal opportunity for a spring clean. Lots of the papers and boxes in those piles are needed and although not vital, need to be stored safely until required. This is why we have put together our special ‘Spring/Easter Offer‘: – Pay for one month’s storage, get one month free This gives you the opportunity to free up space, or temporarily store items, whilst an office or room is re-organised, ready to get back to some serious work and planning at the beginning of May – until the next bank holiday!