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What is Self-Storage?

Self-storage is simply a service that allows you to store your possessions in a safe place. This can be for various reasons, from moving house to moving abroad.

Cheap Self-Storage

Isn’t it cheaper to rent a cheap lockup garage for my storage needs?

Yes it might be a little bit cheaper as you’ll be paying less money in obvious ways. But it is going to be expensive in other terms. Barretts Self Storage starts at a few pounds a week and comes with all manner of benefits that a lockup garage cannot offer.

10 Reasons Barretts Self-Storage is better Than a Lockup Garage

1. Best Price

Is that lockup garage really cheaper? Please email us for our latest prices and special offers

2.  Collection service.

When you’re moving home, or packing up all your possessions to travel overseas, things are often stressful enough without worrying about the removal process too. We’ve all heard the nightmare stories of removal companies arriving late (or not at all) because they’re stuck at a previous job, overinflated removal prices or possessions getting broken. That’s why at Jennings Self Storage we have trusted removal companies that we can recommend to you.

3. Easy Access

You can drive straight up to all of our storage units. Unlike many other companies there is no need to get a lift to the 3rd floor or any long walks from the loading bays. 

4. Security

You’ll notice the security gates when you enter the self-storage facility, the CCTV throughout the site. Furthermore, every unit is individually locked

5. More Safety Features

Each storage facility has smoke detectors, fire alarms and fire points equipped with regularly tested fire-control equipment.

6. Insurance

Jennings Self Storage facilities, of course, has its own exhaustive policy or our customers can insure their goods through their own insurance company..

7. Friendly Staff

During opening hours our facilities are manned by friendly staff happy to advise and help you with all your storage questions and needs.

8. Safety Awareness

Our customers are not allowed to store any item that may cause a danger or a nuisance to other customers.

9. Business Users Benefits

Our facilities are cheaper than trade space or warehousing and a lot more flexible; upgrade or downsize your storage needs quickly.

10. No long term commitment.

You can store by the week, month, year or for as long as you require. And we only ask for seven days notice when you want to leave.

If you have any questions concerning your self-storage needs then please contact us at your convenience.