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Space is at a premium and no matter how much we start with, we all seem to be pretty good at filling it up.

Our spacious office can soon feel cramped as business grows, more files appear on the shelves, exhibition displays fill the cupboards and additional employees are recruited. A large warehouse can soon be full of stock, spare boxes, returns and new ranges. The home that we saved hard to rent or buy can become cluttered with everyday items and treasured possessions. Before long we might feel the need to move in order to create more space.

The reality is that finding a bigger premises and moving is a costly, disruptive and time consuming process. If you are well-established in your current location, it can be wise to look at alternative options that allow you to stay put.

A Bit of Hard Graft: The Clear Out

It could just take a dedicated weekend and a slightly ruthless attitude to clear out the junk and organise the things you want to keep. Investment in space saving storage could provide an affordable way to retain your efforts. After an intensive sort out, you may have created the much needed space along with a huge sense of satisfaction.

Self Storage: A Spare Room

If the clear out still leaves you short of space, self storage could be the ideal solution. Essential self storage is a room away from your home or business. It is a secure, dry and clean space where anything from files to furniture, children’s toys to big boy’s toys can be stored. The space can be particularly useful for items that you only occasionally need, such as exhibition banners, seasonal stock, camping gear and specialist sports equipment.

Self storage can also be a temporary storage facility during workplace renovations, home extensions, or when you are travelling or working abroad for a few months and want to rent out your home. They can allow you to create a workspace for a temp, provide a comfortable room for a guest to stay in or help manage a move, when the transaction isn’t straight forward.

Self storage has been widely used by e-commerce businesses that have a bulk of stock ready to dispatch when orders are received. In addition to shelving units, a desk could be added to the space in order to make it easier to collate, pack and prepare goods for sending.

Nothing New: We All Need More Space

First introduced to the UK in the 1980’s, the UK’s self storage industry now includes over 400 companies. They operate from 815 units and serve over 250,000 private, community and business customers. The most popular facilities tend to be in London and other cities, where property prices are at a premium. In cities such as Oxford, where house prices and commercial rents are high and many properties don’t have garages, self storage is a convenient, local and affordable option. If you live in the area and would like to know more about self storage, Oxford based Barretts can assist.