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Whether you have a family home, are sharing student accommodation with others, or even enjoying a holiday with friends, everyone living or staying in that property will have different ideas on cleanliness and tidiness.

Some people love the minimalist look, whilst others collect mountains of stuff. Some people are extremely house proud and like their space to be spotless, whilst others see housework as a waste of time. Most of us lie somewhere in the middle, but even a minor difference of opinion can be the cause of irritation and arguments.

You may be despairing that your partner feels the need to buy another pair of shoes, tool set, book or bike, when they already have what seems like an extraordinary collection. You may get frustrated that the living room is full of gym equipment. Maybe you resent paying a higher premium on your car insurance because the garage because it is piled high with stuff, leaving you to park on the road.

If you work from home, you might be filling the spare room with stock, files, raw materials and equipment. It may take considerable warning and an epic clean-up operation before anyone can come and stay. From pants left on the floor to cupboards that are so full that it’s impossible to find what you are looking for, the frustration can quickly escalate into an argument.

Taking Action

Whilst it might be tempting to empty your housemate’s belongings, or the contents of your spouse’s wardrobe into the wheelie bin, there are more harmonious ways to take action. Open and honest communication is always the best starting point. Explain how their stuff or untidy ways makes you feel and see if you can find a compromise. This doesn’t mean that they are going to match your standards, but improvements can be made.

Self Storage can provide a practical solution for people with bulky items or a high volume of belongings. A self storage unit can act like a spare room or garage. It can be fitted out with shelves to provide a space for office equipment and stock. It could become a workshop; providing a secure, dry place for your tools and materials. It could be transformed into a mini gym; a place to head at your convenience for an intensive workout.

Self storage units come in a range of sizes, so there are options to meet your specific requirements. They can even provide a secure environment for storing sports cars, caravans, boats and other vehicles. With 24 hour access, you can get to your belongings whenever they are needed, yet feel reassured that they are being professionally protected at all other times.

If you can create a stronger relationship and a happier life, but reducing the amount of stuff that you keep at home, I could be time to explore self storage. Oxford based Barretts Self Storage has a range of options to suit both individuals and business users, so visit our website for more information: