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For many retail and hospitality companies, Christmas provides a unique opportunity to establish a place in the market, boost sales and maximise income. With some creative thinking, it is possible to package and present almost any product and even service in a way that makes it appealing as a potential gift.

Whilst consumers are starting to focus on purchases for this Christmas, savvy companies are already in the process of making plans for the 2016 festive season. By gathering data, monitoring purchasing behaviours and learning from mistakes in the build up to this Christmas, you can begin to prepare a more effective campaign next year.

With a clear strategy in place, the demands of a busy Christmas period can reap rewards throughout the year. It can generate the income required for new investment and business growth. However, it is important to acknowledge that it will be a challenge for existing systems and processes to continue to operate when demand is boosted at this time of year.

Consumers expect a speedy turnaround, so it is vital that there are facilities and systems in place that ensure that you can meet these expectations. Additional storage and distribution facilities, as well as customer service operatives are likely to be essential requirements if you are expecting an influx of orders. A lack of storage space or disorganised systems can hinder your company’s ability to fully maximise on this annual opportunity.

Storage Facilities

If the need for additional storage facilities is likely to be a short term need, moving premises or purchasing space for storage is unlikely to be cost effective. A practical solution could be to rent space on a temporary basis from a self-storage company. With containers in a variety of sizes and both short and long term rent arrangements, you can find the necessary space to help your business manage the peak season.

Self storage provides a clean, dry and secure place to keep stock until it is required. By adding shelving or other methods of organising the stock, you can make it easy to pick and pack goods, so you can provide an efficient service to your customers.

Many self-storage facilities provide 24 hour access, allowing you to respond to orders at a time that is convenient to you. To make it even easier for you to manage the increased demand, it is possible to pay employees of certain self storage facilities to undertake the picking, packing and despatch of customer orders on your behalf.

If you could benefit from self storage, Oxford based Barretts provides a range of business services that can help you to manage your resources and achieve your goals this Christmas.

Other Storage Needs

Self-storage can also be valuable for trade professionals who are looking for a safe and secure place to keep their tools, materials and even vans whilst they take a well-deserved break over Christmas. Not only can this provide peace of mind during the festivities, it also means the garage and cupboards are kept free for hiding those all-important gifts!