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Self-Storage is a relatively new concept in the UK, but since the option of having additional space for our stuff was launched, it has rapidly grown in popularity. Back in 2009, the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment reported that the majority of new builds in the UK didn’t include sufficient storage space. The desire for attic conversions and down stairs toilets in place of cupboards has compounded the problem.

Many people think of self-storage as a temporary solution, for example; a safe place to leave your belongings for a few months when you are doing up a new property. In this way it offers people space to get walls knocked down, new carpets fitted or simply a fresh lick of paint on the walls without having to deal with bulky furniture.

Some people use self-storage as a longer term option, maybe when they decide to take a job abroad for a year or two and want to rent out their home unfurnished. It can offer the time to deal with other issues following a death or divorce, before you need to start thinking about belongings and making decisions about whether to keep, sell or donate a large number of items.

Increasing numbers of people are using self-storage as a long term option to provide them with an alternative to a garage or attic. We all have items that we don’t use all year round and having a local facility where these can be securely stored can solve a number of problems. Christmas decorations, camping gear, bicycles and gardening or outdoor play equipment are all examples of items that could be locked away for at least half the year. With the availability of large scale units, you could even safely store your caravan, boat or classic car through the winter months.

In addition to seasonal items, we all have items that we want to keep, but don’t necessarily use. Self-storage facilities can be ideal for keeping your vinyl collection, a family heirloom or a wedding dress. With a general lack of space in many of our cities and the cost of renting additional garage space or paying for a home with a spare room for your stuff, self-storage presents an affordable alternative.

Self-storage is also the most flexible option. You can start off with a short term lease when you need extra space on a temporary basis, but extend the lease if you need more time. Unlike a garage, attic or spare room, you can move between units of different sizes, so downsize if your needs reduce, or scale up as required.

Oxfordshire is a county where house prices and space is at a premium. If you are living or working in the area and need local self-storage, Oxford based Barretts has the solution. Our self-storage facility includes units of all sizes, so you can find the right option for your needs.

For maximum convenience, we offer customers 24 hour access to their belongings, but have installed high level security to ensure that no one else can have on-site access. Our units will keep your belongings not only safe, but also clean and dry. Our units are fully insured and include lighting to make it easy for you to organise and find the things you need when you need them.

If you are faced with clutter, over filled shelves and a growing number of piles on the floors and surfaces of your home, it can be stressful. Trying to find what you need or undertake daily tasks can be frustrating. If it’s time to take action, speak to Barretts Self-Storage in Oxford and create more space in your home.