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5 benefits of using a warehouse storage alternative with Jennings Storage

warehouse storage

Are you put off by the rising costs of using warehouse storage facilities?

As many of us move our retail businesses online, we are looking for cost-effective ways to store our eCommerce products before they get shipped to the end-user. eCommerce sales saw a whopping increase of 20.5% in 2021 alone. If this sounds like you, we can guarantee that you have baulked at some of the warehouse space costs and are now trying to find an alternative storage solution. 

This month, Jennings Storage take a look at warehouse storage alternative and how you can get a flexible, secure and private space to store your products for less than you might think. 

Other warehouse storage options to consider for your business

There are many reasons why a business may want to store its items. Not only are many of us battling with existing space, but some products also are not always needed immediately, and they could be taking up valuable space that could be used for other things. By storing your products until they need to be shipped, you can ensure they are safe secure and that no damage will come to them. 

If warehouse storage is not an option for you due to budget constraints, Jennings Storage has an excellent alternative for your storing needs. Choosing a container at a storage facility could be the answer you have been looking for. Storage containers have a vast range of benefits, including their strength, size and they are completely airtight, meaning the elements cannot get in to ruin your stock. 

We know that if you are running a successful eCommerce business, you will need access to your stock at any time. That’s why we give you complete access to your storage container, and you can visit whenever you choose – whether that’s at 2 am or 11 pm! Having the knowledge that your stock is accessible 24/7 gives you the confidence that you won’t let your customers down. 

Top 5 benefits of a warehouse storage alternative  

Flexible pricing

Choosing to store your stock in a storage container will always be more effective than storing inventory in a warehouse facility. Jennings Storage does not charge business rates, and our prices are always competitive, so you can be sure you are getting the most out of your budget. When you store with Jennings, you choose the space size you need, and we will never raise the price without you knowing with as much notice. Our prices are entirely transparent, and there are no hidden costs!

Private space

Choosing to rent a space in a warehouse for your goods will probably mean that you will be sharing this space with other businesses who need to store their products. This could lead to challenges in itself, and ultimately if you are storing the products, you want to know they are safe at all times. Choosing to use a storage facility instead will not only offer you peace of mind that your products are secure, but your space is entirely private – you don’t need to share it with anyone else! 

Expansion opportunities

As a business, we know that you are not likely to remain static throughout your existing and your need for space is likely to increase over time. When you choose to store your stock with Jennings, we expand as you do, and once you have outgrown the container you are using, we will find you a bigger one that is more suited to your needs! Simply let us know when you are out of space, and we can do the leg work for you. 


At Jennings Storage, our site is equipped with the latest security technology, including active CCTV, biometric finger scanners and three locked access points on arrival and exit. We take the security of your stock very seriously, and throughout the day, the site is operated by a team of staff who are here to support you and protect your stock. 

Delivery Acceptance

In order to keep your business fully stocked, you are going to need deliveries throughout the week to ensure your stock levels are maintained. The best thing about storing with us is that you don’t need to be here to accept your deliveries – our expert team will do this on your behalf so you can be sure your stock has arrived and is safe with Jennings. 

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Jennings Storage have a great warehouse storage alternative for you

Jennings Storage, a leading UK storage company, has been working with clients to store and protect their belongings and stock since 1992. Our mission is to work for our clients to provide the best facilities and our reputation for offering an excellent service at cost-effective prices is well known. At Jennings, we know how important it is for our clients to find excellent warehouse storage alternatives at competitive prices. Hence, we have a great option for you whether you are looking for short-term units to long-term storage solutions

Located in Oxfordshire with great links to Buckinghamshire and London, we support various businesses and individuals with their storage needs. To find out more about our warehouse storage alternatives or meet the team, call us today

Cheap secure storage for home and Business customers

Trusted Self-Storage From an Oxford Company with 30 years experience

Hassle-free storage

From 1 week to long-term leases, you can rent cheap, secure storage on terms to suit you, confident you’ll never be tied into a long lease

Easy 24/7 access

You never know when you might want access to your belongings, which is why, come rain or shine, you’ll always have 24/7 access

Top notch security

For your peace of mind, as well as an 8ft perimeter fence, 24hr CCTV with emergency response, our electronic gates come with biometric fingerprint access

Honest pricing

We believe in being transparent with our pricing, so you will never be surprised by hidden costs, additional extras or unexpected price rises

Flexible self storage containers

Never pay for space you don’t need, upsize or downsize your self storage container at any time, at no additional cost

Great location

Just 10 minutes from the M40 and 15 from Oxford and Thame, you’ll have easy access to all major transport routes without the horrendous traffic jams

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flexible rental

Flexible warehouse rental from as little as seven days


We are able to accept and book in deliveries on your behalf


Avoid the need to pay any business rates, service charges or utility bills

High security

High security with 24 hour CCTV with emergency response

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Warehouse storage

Flexible warehouse storage solutions on a state of the art site near Oxford

Warehouse storage for rent - the scalable solution for your business needs

If you’re a business owner looking for warehouse storage for rent, but are put off by the cost of commercial warehouse space and  potentially having to rent more space than you need, then cheap self storage could be the perfect solution.  

Simply choose the size of warehouse space you need, agree a rental period and you’re set to go. And the good news is, you won’t have to sign a long-term lease agreement and can upsize or downsize your warehouse space at any time without facing any additional charges. 

Warehouse space in Oxford for businesses of all sizes

Whether you’re looking for your first warehouse or just need a smaller venue for your products, we’ll be able to offer you the perfect warehouse storage for rent.

Conveniently located, just 10 minutes from the M40 and 15 minutes from Oxford, you’ll be able to drive right up to your warehouse storage unit making loading and unloading incredibly easy. And should you need it, we also offer a forklift service driven by our trained staff.

You’ll have round the clock access to your self storage unit, but if you’re not around, we’re also happy to accept and load deliveries for you.

And if you fancy working close to your business storage unit, why not take a look at our Container Offices for rent. Many of our business customers find them ideal for running a more responsive business. 

flexible rental

Flexible warehouse rental from as little as seven days


We are able to accept and book in deliveries on your behalf if your not able to be on site


Avoid the need to pay any business rates, service charges or utility bills

High security

High security with 24 hour CCTV with emergency response

The flexible extension to your own warehouse storage

Sometimes you need just a little bit of additional warehouse space to fit in with your business cycle. This is when cheap business storage comes into its own.

Our flexible terms mean you can rent from as little as a week  and just pay for the warehouse space you actually need. And if you find you need more or less storage, it’s super easy to transfer to the warehousing that better suits your needs at no extra cost.

If warehouse storage isn’t quite right for you, take a look at our other business storage options.

Oxford warehouse storage for rent

Whether you’re looking for a long-term or temporary warehouse storage solution, large or small space, we’ll most definitely be able to help


  • 24/7 access to your storage unit
  • Electricity supply available
  • Staff available to assist during our opening hours
  • We accept deliveries in without you being present
  • No hidden costs or unexpected price hikes.


If you’re interested in our warehouse storage options, give us a call. Even better, come and meet us and we’ll show you our great self storage facilities.

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