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How to Store Paperwork in Self-Storage

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The Need To Store Paperwork

In our personal and professional lives, the accumulation of paperwork is a common challenge. Managing these piles of paperwork requires a dedicated solution, from personal documents like bills and receipts to crucial business documents, including contracts and tax records. This is where self-storage comes into play, offering a practical and secure way to store paperwork and essential documents.

Why Paperwork Demands Special Care in Storage

The Fragility of Paper

Paper is inherently delicate and can easily be damaged by environmental factors such as temperature fluctuations, humidity, pests, and exposure to light. When storing paperwork, especially for extended periods, it’s essential to consider these vulnerabilities to preserve the integrity of your documents.

Choosing the Right Self-Storage Unit

Only some self-storage units are suitable to store paperwork in. To ensure the longevity and safety of your documents, consider the following when choosing a storage unit:

Climate Control

Given the paper’s sensitivity to temperature and humidity, a climate-controlled unit is indispensable. Such a unit maintains stable conditions, which is crucial for preventing damage like yellowing, warping, or mould growth in your paperwork.

Absorpoles may also be paramount when storing paperwork. Absorpoles reduce the moisture in the air and sit in the recesses of the shipping container, meaning they take up no extra space. 

Security Measures

For important documents, the security of your storage unit is paramount. Opt for facilities like Jennings Storage that offer comprehensive security features, such as CCTV surveillance, individual alarm systems, and secure access controls.

Packing Paperwork for Self Storage

How you pack your documents can significantly influence their preservation. Here are some critical steps for adequate packing:

Organisation is Key

Organise your documents into categories (e.g., bills, contracts, tax records) for efficient packing and easy retrieval later. It may also help to organise them into months and years so you can find paper easily when you need it. 

Use Suitable Materials

Store paper in acid-free file boxes or plastic containers to prevent degradation. Avoid using cardboard, as it can absorb moisture and attract pests.

Prevent Damage

Refrain from filling boxes. Ensure papers lie flat and are not bent or folded. Stack heavier boxes at the bottom and lighter ones on top to prevent crushing.


Clearly label each box with its contents for easy identification and access in the future.

Regular checks of your stored documents are advisable to identify and rectify any issues early, ensuring the ongoing good condition of your paperwork.

The Digital Backup Option

While focusing on physical storage, pay attention to the importance of digital backups. Scanning key documents and storing them securely in the cloud offers additional security and convenience.

Benefits of Using Self-Storage to Store Paperwork

Space Efficiency

Self-storage units enable you to declutter your home or office by storing paperwork offsite, freeing up valuable space for other uses. You can also organise and create an inventory management system in your self-storage unit. 

Enhanced Security

Self-storage units with Jennings Storage have advanced security measures, providing better protection against theft or unauthorised access than typical home or business storage solutions.

Climate Control for Document Preservation

Climate-controlled units protect your paperwork from environmental damage, a critical factor for long-term storage.

Convenient Access and Organisation

With the ability to organise and access your documents as needed, self-storage offers flexibility and ease, especially in facilities that provide 24/7 access on a secure site.

Protection from Disasters

Our shopping container self-storage units are designed to withstand various disasters, having been built to withstand travelling on the open sea, adding extra protection for your essential paperwork.

Cost-Effective for Businesses

For businesses, renting an offsite storage unit is often much lower than the cost of additional office space, and the terms are more flexible, making it an economical document storage solution.

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We invite you to get in touch with us for a storage consultation. Our expert team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect storage solution for your paperwork, ensuring that your documents are safe, organised, and easily accessible whenever needed. Contact Jennings Storage today and take the first step towards a more organised and secure document storage solution.

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