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Get your garden summer ready with seasonal storage

Seasonal storage

Its time to get out into the garden before summer arrives

We have already had a small glimpse of the sun teasing us this year before a beautiful summer arrives. But when you look out of your back windows, what do you see? Is your garden looking a little weary and in need of some care? 

Do you have piles of things ready to take to the rubbish tip or things you need to find a new home for? It’s time to clear out your garden, ready for when the sun arrives and when you choose seasonal storage, this task gets a whole lot easier! 

Our gardens tend to take the brunt of everything we have. Items that we have no space for inside, children’s rides and old furniture are just a few of the things you may find lurking in the grass. 

These are belongings that we may not want to be rid of entirely, but we do need to find somewhere to store them during the summer so we can fully utilise the back garden space we have without tripping over things or being embarrassed at the mess. 

Seasonal storage gives you the perfect space to store all the items you need out of sight, and it can be completely flexible to work for you. So, where do we start?

Clear out the shed to make way for your new garden furniture

Somewhere lurking in the very back corner of your shed or garage, you may find some old garden furniture that either needs a serious clean or needs to be replaced. 

Clearing out your shed will give you a good starting point on the furniture you have as well as all the other things you have stored in there. Start by going through everything in your shed and making piles for rubbish, keep and store. 

Once you have emptied your shed, you will then have a perfect space to store your new garden furniture and even your portable BBQ for those times when summer still brings the rain! 

Once you have finished on your garden and the garden shed, if you are planning to use seasonal storage as a way to bring some space back into your home, you may wish to consider going through the rooms in your home to find items you would like to add to your storage facility. 

We often harbour our belongings in the loft or the back corners of our wardrobes, so why not start there? 

Oversized heavy coats usually take up a lot of space in our hallways and cupboards, and these won’t be needed during the summer, so make good additions to your seasonal storage solution. Bag up your clothes to protect them and add them to your pile! 

Find a seasonal storage company that works for you

So you have cleared your home, and your shed is ready to protect all your new garden furniture. You have been left with a large pile of seasonal items, and you need to find somewhere to store them safely. 

It’s time to look for a storage company you can rely on to keep and protect your belongings for the summer months. When looking for the right storage company for you, it’s worth bearing the following in mind: 


Although you are putting your items into storage, you may find that you still need access to your facility. Whether that’s to store more items, you have found or to pick up something you suddenly need. Having a local storage company means you can access your storage container whenever required, without worrying about making a really long journey. 


Be sure to factor in the cost of storing your belongings and whether there are any hidden costs you were not initially aware of. At Jennings Storage, we don’t believe in hiding costs from you, so we are always upfront about our simple, cost-effective seasonal storage solutions. 


What size container will you need to store all your belongings? Your storage company will help you decide what you are storing and what kind of space you need. Don’t forget that you may wish to add more home items to your storage space as the summer moves on. 


How long will you need your storage facility? Is this space just for the summer period, or are you likely to want to continue using the space afterwards? This may impact your cost, so it’s important to have an idea of what you would like to do before you start loading your items into their new home. 

Customer service 

Yes, you are looking for a seasonal storage facility, but you also want to be surrounded by a friendly team who are there to help you when you need it. At Jennings Storage, we are proud of our level of customer service and our fantastic team, who go over and above to deliver every time. 

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Jennings Storage has a range of seasonal storage options for you

At Jennings Storage, our motto is people first. We don’t believe in the hard sell of our storage containers, but we do believe in building reputable relationships with our customers, so you always feel comfortable and confident when leaving your belongings in our safe and capable hands. 

Whether you are looking for long term seasonal storage or you just need a container to keep your items for a couple of weeks, we have a range of flexible storage options for you. Get in contact with the team today to find out how you can store your items with Jennings Storage this summer. 

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