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Renting Storage - What shouldn’t you store in your storage unit?

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What Shouldn’t You Store in Your Storage Unit?

Are you looking at renting storage for the additional items you cannot seem to find a home for? When it comes to renting a storage unit, it’s essential to know what items are suitable for storage and which ones are better off kept elsewhere. While storage units offer a convenient solution for storing belongings, there are certain items that should never be stored in them.

Whether it’s due to safety concerns, legal restrictions, or potential damage to the items themselves, being aware of what not to store can help you make informed decisions and protect your belongings. In this article, we’ll explore some common items that are generally prohibited or discouraged from being stored in storage units.

Perishable Goods and Food Items

Storage units are not designed to provide the necessary conditions for storing perishable goods or food items. These items can quickly spoil, attract pests, and create an unpleasant odour. Additionally, perishable items can potentially contaminate other items in the storage unit, leading to significant losses. It’s always best to consume or donate perishable goods before storing your belongings in a storage unit.

While non-perishable food items might seem like a viable option, they can still attract pests and rodents. Canned goods, for example, can be prone to damage from extreme temperatures and humidity. To ensure the safety and integrity of your stored items, it’s advisable to keep food items out of storage units.

Hazardous Materials and Flammable Substances

Storing hazardous materials and flammable substances when renting storage poses serious risks to both your belongings and the storage facility. These materials include but are not limited to gasoline, propane tanks, oil, fireworks, paints, and chemicals. Not only can these items cause fires or explosions, but they can also release toxic fumes and contaminate the surrounding environment.

It’s important to familiarise yourself with the storage facility’s policies regarding hazardous materials. Most facilities strictly prohibit storing such items due to safety regulations and insurance requirements. If you need to store hazardous materials for any reason, it’s best to explore specialised storage options or consult with professionals who can guide you on proper storage methods.

Living Organisms and Pets

Storage units are not suitable environments for living organisms, including pets, plants, and animals. The lack of proper ventilation, lighting, and temperature control can harm or even be fatal to these organisms. It’s crucial to provide appropriate living conditions for your pets and plants, ensuring they receive proper care and attention.

Instead of storing live animals or plants in storage units, consider finding alternative solutions. For pets, seek temporary accommodations such as boarding facilities or the assistance of friends or family. Plants should be properly cared for or given to someone who can look after them while you utilise the storage unit.

Valuables and Irreplaceable Items

While storage units can be secure, it’s generally recommended not to store highly valuable or irreplaceable items in them. This includes cash, jewellery, important documents, family heirlooms, and sentimental items. Despite security measures in place, there’s always a small risk of theft or damage.

If you have valuable or irreplaceable items that require storage, consider alternatives such as a safe deposit box at a bank or investing in a home safe. These options provide enhanced security and peace of mind, knowing that your most precious possessions are protected.

What do Jennings customers use their storage unit for?

Business storage – Businesses often have a lot of stock, documents and extra furniture with nowhere to put them (but these items will still be needed at some point). A storage unit can support your business.

Personal storage – From protecting your items during a DIY or renovation project, to placing surplus furniture and belongings whilst you decide what to do with them, a storage unit can help clear your mind and home.

Seasonal storage – Our homes can often get cluttered with a variety of Christmas decorations, surfboards and other bits that can only be used during certain times of the year. A storage unit can help you declutter and retrieve those items when you need them.

Storage whilst travelling – If you are planning on going on the trip of a lifetime, you will need somewhere to store your beloved items whilst you are gone. A Jennings storage unit is the perfect answer.

Equipment and tool storage – from the local handyman to a construction team of 10, utilising a manned and secure storage facility is perfect for protecting your tools and equipment whilst they are not being used onsite.

Student storage – Being just outside of Oxford puts Jennings Storage in the perfect location for students of local universities that need to store their items, either for the summer or whilst they are moving out of halls of residence.

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Renting storage for personal belongings with Jennings Storage

When utilising storage units, it’s crucial to be mindful of what you should and shouldn’t store. Avoid storing perishable goods and food items to prevent spoilage and pest infestation. Hazardous materials and flammable substances should never be stored due to safety concerns. Living organisms and pets require proper care and should not be kept in storage units. Lastly, valuables and irreplaceable items are best kept in more secure locations.

If you’re in need of storage solutions, consider Jennings Storage, a trusted provider offering flexible onsite storage units for short- or long-term rental. We prioritise the safety and satisfaction of our customers, ensuring your belongings are well-protected. By following these guidelines and making informed decisions, you can maximise the benefits of storage units while keeping your items safe and secure.

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