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The mental health benefits of decluttering your home


What is clutter, and when does it become a problem?

When we look around our homes, most of us will look in at least one drawer, cupboard or work surface that has collected debris over time. But with busy lives, these parts of our homes tend to stay untouched until they pose a bigger problem. 

Clutter is defined as anything you are keeping hold of that doesn’t bring value or joy to your life. Being able to invest some time into decluttering your home will not only make way for the things that truly matter, but you will also feel mentally and physically better for having a decluttering purge. 

When does clutter become a bigger problem?

For many of us, clutter offers a huge time-wasting exercise when we are trying to find the things we have lost and need immediately (often our keys, phones or an important document!) According to a survey completed by Budget Dumpster, 48.5% of people agreed that unwanted clutter made them feel stressed, and 42.5% of respondents felt embarrassed by their clutter. 

Most people will dedicate some time to decluttering their rooms – generally on a weekend – and will often feel much better as a result of this time-consuming task. But for those who suffer from physical or mental health problems, including obesity, or hoarding tendencies, the thought of decluttering their homes fills them with dread, concern and upset. Unfortunately, clutter can also bring about similar feelings, leading to a vicious cycle that can be difficult to get out of. 

Clutter, in worst-case scenarios, could lead to more serious health problems, particularly if mould or dust is present. Clutter could even cause a fire hazard in your home if left unchecked. 

Why should you declutter your home?

Organising and decluttering our homes can be a huge stress reliever and can offer a sense of accomplishment and control over our lives. Getting rid of the junk that is piling up can free up extra space in your home, leaving room for items that you can finally enjoy. There are many reasons for decluttering your home, but ultimately, if you are looking to be proud of your home, this is a great way to begin. 

The mental health benefits of decluttering your home 

An organised and tidy living space can have a positive impact on both our ability to focus on tasks and our mental health, according to a study done by Princeton University. The research discovered that if the physical space we’re in feels unkempt and cluttered, it’s very likely that our mental state will be chaotic as well. 

The University of Connecticut conducted a study that found by decluttering and cleaning up our living areas; we can reduce the stress that comes from the mess. This, in turn, makes us feel happier, less anxious, and more confident. Decluttering can also lead to the following mental health benefits:

Boost your mood and help improve your physical health

Being able to engage in physical activity while organising can actually help increase our creativity by giving our minds the space to wander. letting our minds wander a bit as we go about the task of decluttering can help us relax mentally while our body is staying active. 

The combination of the two can be really beneficial for our moods because we’ll feel less stressed about what once was clutter, and we’ll feel a sense of accomplishment after seeing the progress we’ve made!

Sharpen your focus

Having a cluttered and messy space can make it difficult to focus on specific tasks because our mind gets overwhelmed trying to take in too much visual information at once. 

When we declutter our space and put things in specific places, it helps our minds to focus better because we know where everything is, and we’re not constantly trying to search for things. Having a sense of organisation helps us to stay on track and be more productive because our mind isn’t being scattered in different directions.

Energise you into productivity mode

When you are decluttering, you are not only solving a problem but also crossing items off of your to-do list. The act of decluttering can be very empowering and help give you the energy needed to take on additional tasks. So, if you’re feeling stuck, try decluttering as a way to jumpstart your productivity!

Relieve Anxiety

For anyone who suffers from anxiety, it’s important to keep things clean and organised because messiness can bring on vast amounts of stress. You may feel constantly worried or afraid of more clutter piling up and feel like you can’t think straight. To allow our minds to find some peace, decluttering can lift that weight and help us to think more clearly and feel calmer.

Decluttering tips to keep you organised

Whilst clutter can be overwhelming, it’s important to recognise that it doesn’t have to be a long-term part of your life. take a look at some of our decluttering tips to help you take back control of your home! 

A daily routine – why not make decluttering part of your daily routine? Simply spend 10 minutes every day finding the small messes in your home and putting everything back in its rightful place to help prevent a clutter nightmare.

Start small – If you have a big decluttering project to tackle, don’t try to take on everything at once. Begin in the rooms you use most and start with a drawer or one cupboard until you are happy with the progress you have made. It’s important that you don’t overwhelm yourself with your decluttering goal, or you are unlikely to reap the benefits or finish the job. 

Enlist the help of family – if you find the task of decluttering difficult to manage alone, why not ask for the support of family or friends who will be able to help you out? Not only will you feel mentally better by having the support there, but it’s far more likely to be a fun task to complete! 

Start with a positive mind – If you go into your decluttering task with worries or concerns that you are going to make things worse, the chances are you will give up before you begin. Make sure you are in the right mood to start your project and tackle little successes at a time to boost your mood. 

Whilst there will be a lot of items you are going to throw away, what do you do with those items that you still use occasionally or cannot bear to part with due to their sentimental value? Whilst those items may not fit in your home, why not take advantage of a self-storage facility to keep these items safe and in close reach when you need them? 

Jennings Storage has a variety of different-sized containers ready for you to use for your self-storage needs. Store them for as long as you need to, and have peace of mind that your storage items are protected and safe

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Jennings Storage has the perfect facilities for home decluttering!

With the new year starting, many of us are looking to declutter our homes, ready for 2023 and everything this year is likely to bring. If you have completed your decluttering and have items to store, Jennings Storage is here to support you! Our first-class storage facilities in Oxfordshire have a variety of storage containers ready for you to utilise, and we will soon be opening a new storage facility where we hope to be able to support more domestic and commercial customers. 

Get in touch today to find out more about our storage facilities and how we can help you keep your home clutter-free and enjoyable in 2023!

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