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For electricians, plumbers, roofers and general builders, the van is a vital piece of equipment. Used to transport supplies, tools and practical equipment, the van is far more than a means of transport. With the van on site, or on the driveway, everything that you might need for the job is at hand.

The trouble is what to do with all that kit at the end of the day. It would make sense to unload it all into a secure lock up and then reload in the morning, but in reality, that can be the last thing you feel like doing after a long day of physically demanding work. If the weather’s bad, you know you have an early start in the morning, or you’re on a tight schedule, it simply isn’t likely to happen.

It is therefore little surprise that many trade’s people have regularly left some, if not all of their tools and equipment in the van overnight. Reversing the van up to the garage doors is one means of reducing the risk of it being broken into, but not everyone has a driveway, so many vans are left on the street.

Trade vans make a tempting target for thieves. They know that quality tools can fetch quite a sum. A recent survey carried out by ECIS, the specialist trades insurance company revealed that 35% have had their van broken into at some time. Insurance might help with replacements, but the damage to the van and time to restock an extensive collection of specialist tools can take time.

The disruption is frustrating and costly, as without the necessary tools, it isn’t possible to complete the jobs currently being worked on or take on new projects. Without earning potential and with schedules running over, the opportunity for competitors to step in and get the go ahead increases. If the claim is slow to go through, the reputation of a business can be put a risk, but without insurance, it could be devastating.

Preventing Trade Van Theft

Getting a helping hand from your apprentice or paying your mate a bit extra to help unload at the end of the day could ensure that your van is always left empty. This might not deter thieves from breaking into your van, but will make their efforts worthless.

If you haven’t got a garage to park up in, but want to avoid leaving your van out on the street, another option is to rent a self-storage unit. Self-storage might not be your first thought, but with large units on offer, it could provide an easy solution. With security systems in place and 24 hour access, you could simply drive your van into the unit at the end of the day, returning home in the knowledge that it’s safe.

No loading and unloaded necessary, you can just hop in and drive off the next morning, saving you time and effort. With off street parking and garage rent at a premium in cities like Oxford, self-storage can be a cost effective option and it may also reduce the premium you pay on vehicle insurance.

If you are keen to find out more about self-storage, Oxford based Barretts has plenty of options. From a small unit to house occasional use tools to a large unit for secure overnight parking, we have a solution to suit. Click here for more information.