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In life and work, things can get hectic. That is especially true in terms of storage. That’s because, over the years, so much stuff gets bought and accumulated that people run out of space. Moreover, if a business is changing premises, they may need to store equipment before placing it elsewhere temporarily. That means finding the right storage facility, and that can be challenging.

In any of these circumstances, self-storage solutions are incredibly useful, but it’s essential to choose the right storage facility for the best results possible. Whether you are a company owner or a homeowner, there is a range of things to consider before making your choice, from choosing a cost-effective Oxford storage solution to getting the right service from helpful staff. So, what do you need to know about storage in Oxford?

Here are some pointers to help you make a more informed decision when choosing your self-storage Oxford provider and getting storage space for your personal or business use.

Flexible Rent Terms For Our Storage Units

Self-storage can, at first, seem like a logistical nightmare. Then, when the firms offering all the solutions are restrictive in how they do things, they can be off-putting. There is nothing worse than any business refusing to meet their customers halfway, and that’s something we at Jennings Containers and Storage understand in full.

Flexible rent terms are a vital part of offering great self-storage solutions. After all, customers and clients have different needs, circumstances, and financial situations, so any company worth their salt will have the customer and client in mind, always. Short term storage or long-term leasing; tailoring services to the customer is the name of our game.  

The ability to hire anything from personal to warehouse storage also adds an extra layer to the depth of our service. Also, the ability to come and go as you please gives you flexibility. In the end, the right self-storage solutions strive to work with you, not against you. All of our self-storage units are safe and secure, so you can store your precious possessions and rest assured that they’re safe in our self-storage facility.


Strategy and Advice For All Your Storage Needs

Here at Jennings Containers and Storage, we know what belongings are worthy of our services and what’s worth letting go of, and some are worth storing. As such, we can advise you on what to store and what to perhaps say goodbye to when you’re using our secure storage options. Otherwise, you could end up spending more time and money than you need to on a large storage unit. It is understandable, but in this situation, you might need someone to have your back.

These kinds of business practices prove that the customer is the priority. Instead of encouraging you to store as much as possible, and by virtue of that alone spend as much as possible, some thoughtful advice on what to store and what to say goodbye to says a lot about our character. For example, we will not insist that you stash any broken machinery that is of no further use to you.

Appropriate donations to others are even encouraged by us. In the end, you need to avoid those who are suspiciously eager to hoard all your belongings, because that will amount to you giving more money to an inferior Oxford self-storage business.  

Friendly Team Of Self-Storage Experts

People use self-storage solutions for a variety of reasons, and sometimes, it can be because the customer in question is going through some sort of rough patch. In times such as these, dealing with a business while undergoing a significant life change can be quite an intimidating prospect.

However, interacting with a friendly team of experienced staff can puts minds at ease and can be a source of comfort and reassurance during those harder times in life. Once again, Jennings Containers and Storage readily provide such a service, whereby whoever we are dealing with feels comfortable and reassured on every step of their customer journey.

If you are downsizing your business or you are moving out from your partner’s place, these are tough pills to swallow, and you will likely not want to deal with anyone for a time. However, we guarantee that our staff will treat all matters sensitively, and endeavour to support you through any hardships through our Oxford self-storage service.   

No Surprises When You Use Our Oxford Storage Solutions

Within the storage market, there are firms with incredibly poor business practices in any industry. When it comes to self-storage, some businesses will suddenly impose additional costs based on their ineptitude alone. They may also even have things like rat infestations wrecking stored belongings, so you must do your research before choosing to work with any self-storage business.

Self-storage businesses can often be the target of break-ins too. However, at Jennings Containers and Storage, we have robust on-site security for our storage units, including electronic gates, fingerprint ID, and even off-site monitoring. Nothing escapes our notice, and your goods are never at risk. Our business storage and personal storage units will allow you to store everything you love safely, and you’ll get the benefit of our helpful staff.

Whether you are storing treasured items from home or safely stashing away workplace equipment, at Jennings Containers and Storage, we offer flexible and affordable self-storage solutions for all. As such, you’ll be able to find the perfect storage in Oxford when you work with us.

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From 1 week to long-term leases, you can rent cheap, secure storage on terms to suit you, confident you’ll never be tied into a long lease

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You never know when you might want access to your belongings, which is why, come rain or shine, you’ll always have 24/7 access

Top notch security

For your peace of mind, as well as an 8ft perimeter fence, 24hr CCTV with emergency response, our electronic gates come with biometric fingerprint access

Honest pricing

We believe in being transparent with our pricing, so you will never be surprised by hidden costs, additional extras or unexpected price rises

Flexible self storage containers

Never pay for space you don’t need, upsize or downsize your self storage container at any time, at no additional cost

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Just 10 minutes from the M40 and 15 from Oxford and Thame, you’ll have easy access to all major transport routes without the horrendous traffic jams

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