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10 household items you could consider putting into personal storage To free up space in your home

10 Household Items You Could Consider Putting Into Personal Storage To Free Up Space In Your Home

Ensuring you have space for you and your family to grow at home is essential. Our homes are our sanctuary from the outside world, and our environment must be a relaxing and cosy one. It can be challenging to make extra room in your house, particularly in smaller homes and flats. 

Decluttering is an excellent first step when trying to free up more space around the house, but there is a limit to how much you can reduce your belongings. If this is the case in your home, then personal storage is an excellent idea for those trying to make extra room. 

There are many thing that people typically have at home that are taking up space while not being used. Here are a few things you could consider putting into personal storage to help free up space and give you room to grow. 

Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations can take up a lot of household space, and they’re usually only used for a short period once a year. You could consider packaging up all your Christmas decorations and Halloween costumes to put into personal storage, helping you to free up space at home. This way, you won’t have to worry about finding your decorations when you need them or navigating the ladder to the loft when the festive season rolls around!


A common complaint of book lovers is finding the space to keep their books. The idea of donating or throwing out books is unthinkable for many, so being innovative with your book storage is crucial. 

Books are great for adding character to a home, but they can also take up a lot of space around the house. You could consider boxing up some of the books you don’t read frequently and adding them to your personal storage unit. This will free up space around your home without you having to part with your books, and it will ensure that your books are safe and sound until you want to reread them. 


If you have any valuables at home, it can be a worry keeping them safe and secure. This is particularly true for families with children or pets, where there may be risks to any valuable artwork, rugs or fragile pottery. 

You could consider gathering any valuable items and keeping them in a secure storage unit. Storing your valuables securely will give you peace of mind that your valuables are taken care of and minimal risk to them in the future. 

Seasonal Clothes 

If you struggle for space in the wardrobe, you could consider moving winter or summer clothes to storage to free up space. Items like heavy winter coats, scarves and boots could go into storage when the weather starts to warm up to make way for lighter styles to suit the summer. 


Barbecues can take up a lot of space in garages or sheds, so you could consider moving them to storage over the winter months. A secure storage facility is perfect for anyone who wants to free up space over the colder months and ensure that your barbecue is safe and ready to use once the weather warms up. 

CDs And DVDs

Thanks to the digital age and the rise of streaming platforms that allow us to listen to music and watch films and TV on-demand, many people find that they use their physical media collections less and less. For many, these items are now taking up space without being used, and it can be frustrating to consider donating or selling a collection built up over the years.

You could instead consider carefully packing up your DVD or CD collection to place in your storage unit. This means that you can revisit them when you want to, without having them cluttering up your home. 

Children’s Toys And Clothes

Kids outgrow their clothes quickly, as any parent will know. Children’s clothes and toys can have sentimental value for any parent, so you could consider keeping some of the more memorable clothes and toys in storage. This will free up space in your kids’ wardrobes and allow you to revisit old memories whenever you like. 


You could consider taking stock of the furniture in your home and see if there is anything you could move to storage. Moving one or two pieces of furniture could do wonders for freeing up more space in a room. Perhaps you have some furniture that has sentimental value that has outlived its usefulness – this could be the perfect thing to move over to storage. 

You could consider going room by room and selecting one piece of furniture to move to storage in each. This is the perfect way to have a reshuffle of your home, with the option to bring the furniture back at any time should you need it. 


If you have a car that isn’t getting as much use any more, you could consider moving it to a car storage unit. This is a safe and secure way to store your car until you want to use it again. Moving a vehicle to storage will help free up space in your garage or driveway while saving you money on fuelling and maintenance. 


Old electronics can be a significant source of clutter around the house. With the quick pace of technology ever increasing our reliance on electronics, many of us have old phones, laptops and more littered about the house or taking up space in cupboards. 

You could consider gathering together the electronics you have at home and seeing any that you could recycle. The ones that remain could then go into storage until you decide to use them again.

Final Thoughts

No matter what you need to store, you’ll find the best storage options here at Jennings Containers and Storage. With top of the range security and 24/7 access, our units will give you the peace of mind you need to store your precious items safely. Get in touch today to find out more!

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